Big buildings require big models that generate big data

Etabs Post-processing tool

Seismic design of tall buildings results in lots of data. When a building is analyzed, all the results need to be organized and manipulated to arrive at a set of forces for each element in the structure that we want to design. Previously, this was done manually through a series of spreadsheet functions, filters, sorting, etc. I quickly realized that alot of time could be saved by automating this data manipulation process, so I wrote a MATLAB program to do it for me and compiled it to a standalone executable that can be installed on any computer. It has saved countless hours of time, allowing me to spend more time on the structural design and less time on the boring stuff. It is very much a work-in-progress, as there are always little improvements and additional features that can be incorporated.

Jeremy Atkinson
Jeremy Atkinson
Structural Engineer

My interests include tall buildings, seismic design, and computer programming.