Hugo Themes

HugoMDL is a theme I created for my old website. As the name suggests, it is built for Hugo, a static website generator, and it uses Google’s Material Design Lite Library. The design is based off the example blog template provided by MDL. I extended the template to work with Hugo’s frontmatter and templating functions. It include three content types: blog posts, projects, bio section. It makes heavy use of cards, which are one of the primary methods of displaying content in Material Design.

I also created a Hugo Theme based on the MaterializeCSS framework, aptly named Hugo-materialized. The theme features three main components - A bio, posts, and projects. The bio is laid out a bit like a resume. It automatically displays a few recent projects and posts, with some static content below. Posts are presumeably the most viewed part of the site, and appear prominently on the front page. Projects are displayed as cards with room for an image, title, description, and links to the repo and details. A simple sidenav is always available on larger screens, and reverts to a collapseable side-nav on smaller screens.

Jeremy Atkinson
Jeremy Atkinson
Structural Engineer

My interests include tall buildings, seismic design, and computer programming.