A short post on using lambdas in excel

Excel recently released a new feature called a lambda function, which can help keep embedded formulas much tider and easier to read

What is Performance-Based Design?

A brief comparison of traditional and performance-based design.

Modelling overlapping slabs with variable loads in ETABS

A quick discussion and verification of load calculation when modelling overlapping shells in ETABS

Debugging ETABS plugins in Visual Studio

A few points about debugging a C# etabs plugin in Visual Studio.

Building code height limit

The familiar 160 foot height limit appearing in ASCE 7 has no scientific backing.

Making an ETABS or SAP2000 plugin using the CSI oAPI

Learn how to get started writing a plugin to extend the functionality of the structural analysis programs ETABS or SAP2000.

Embed a Codepen in a Hugo site

A quick note about how to embed codepens into hugo posts using a custom shortcode

Thoughts on the Civil-Structural PE Exam

This post contains some of my thoughts after writing the Oct 2018 Civil-Structural PE Exam.

Design of diagonally-reinforced coupling beams

This post contains an Observable Notebook that calculates factored capacity of a diagonally-reinforced header according to CSA A23.3-2014

Design of Short Columns

This post contains an Observable Notebook that calculates factored axial capacity of short columns according to CSA A23.3-2014